A Cakey Party

Welcome to a new blog! This will showcase and encompass my daily creativity and all my little creations. I will be posting crochet, drawings, sewing, paper creations, baking creations and the like. I will not post wedding things here even though I am DIYing the stuff out of my wedding because you can see all of that business hmmmmere.
Today, I have a party to share with the world.
Ok, I love my cat. I'm bordering and approaching the crazy cat lady zone. But look at her. She's beautiful. And lovely. And she was specially acquired by taking in a stray, realizing she was pregnant and keeping the kittens. This is one of them.

She is Ava. Cake, Bakes, Munchies, Kuchen, and any of the other such variations she has come into in the last 15 months. She is fancy, she is laidback, she is pink, she is gray, she is a kitler approved by CatsThatLookHitler.com (she was born with that Hitler-esque marking so we named her after his female cohort), she is a cuddlesnugglebug, she is a chunk, she loves chili, she likes sunglasses, she loves her daddy and she is a sass. And I love her. Almost as much as you can love your child. She inspires me, so naturally I had to express that. I made a party one day at work to add to my file and I started with an inspiration board, so here's that:
I also love the ruffle tower cake that Martha Stewart made. I would definitely make one of these up for the cake.
Of course I'm not having this party for a cat. She has a sister who would feel left out and Lucy is special enough for her own party also.

These cats are gorrrr-geous. But no, this would be a great party for me on my birthday. It's inspired by the thing I love as closely to my own child right now. Plus I love gray+anycolor. Seriously think about it: pink, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple... come on, you are LOVING the visual thoughts. I know I am.

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